Istanbul Aydın University December Board Meeting held under the presidency of IAU President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın with the participation of vice rectors, deans and administrative staff.

At the last meeting of the year, evaluating 2023-2024 academic year activities, proposed new projects discussed and evaluated.

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın visited Azerbaijan Institute of Theology and met with the Rector Assoc. Prof. Agil Shirinov.

Then, IAU President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın visited Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute and an MOU was signed between the two universities. He presented his thanks to the Rector Prof. Dr. Cafer Caferov for his hospitality and wished success for works that will be made within the scope of the MOU.

A press conference was held before the conference themed “Leadership in Education” hosted by Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. Informing about education collaboration and the ecosystem between Azerbaijan and Türkiye, Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın met with academicians and education managers.

In his speech at the meeting Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın said “Today, we had a fruitful conversation on leadership in education with Azerbaijani educators and shared our experiences and practices. I present thanks to my Dear Friend Prof. Dr. Cafer Caferov who gave us a chance to meet our friends.”

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın participated in “Azerbaijan-Türkiye Investment Forum”. The forum was held on 22 December 2023 with the participation of Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mikayil Jabbarov, Presidency of the Republic of the Türkiye Finance Office President Prof. Dr. Göksel Aşan, many other government and business representatives from Türkiye and Azerbaijan.

Within the scope of the forum, business connections between the two countries, the fields of investment and collaboration, technology, innovation and digitalization were evaluated. In addition, ideas on investment were exchanged between the stakeholders and how synergy could be created to encourage new investments in both countries were discussed.

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın said in his speech, “The 2024 Action Plan signed at the Azerbaijan-Turkey Investment Forum, which aims to further strengthen the economic cooperation between the two countries, will greatly contribute to regional development works by increasing the trade and investment volume between the two countries, strengthening cooperation, supporting mutual investment opportunities and encouraging joint projects. I hope that all these developments will be beneficial for both countries.”

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın then visited Azerbaijan University of Languages in Baku. During his visit, he had a meeting on linguistics with the one of precious names of the philology, Rector Prof. Dr. Kamal Abdulla. Then, ideas about academic cooperation and joint projects between Istanbul Aydın University, Eurasian Universities Union and Azerbaijan Universities of Languages were exchanged. Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın presented his thanks for their hospitality to the Rector and his team and expressed his wishes for cooperation to continue increasingly.

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın also participated in the memorial program for Azerbaijani Turcologist Prof. Dr. Kamil Veli Nerimanoğlu who worked at IAU, is known for his important works in the field of the Turkish world and is an honorary member of Turkish Language Association.

Within the scope of his contacts, Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın met with international student recruitment agents and made these important evaluations: “We had a very useful and result-oriented brainstorming which we discussed problems and solution offers of the agents play a significant role in the international market of Turkish higher education. Currently, more than 300 thousand international students are studying at our universities in Türkiye. While we show Turkish tolerance and hospitality to these students, we also provide that they have education and professions. At this point, the importance of agents is great. We would like to thank them for contributing to Turkish higher education and service exports.”

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın also met with IAU Azerbaijan alumni. Speaking at the dinner meeting Aydın said “Each of whom is special and precious my graduates, continuing existence of universities is under favour of you. Today, I am proud to be together with our graduates, each of whom works in important positions in Azerbaijan and I would like to thank all of you for your contributions to our university with your successful work.”

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın visited Azerbaijan. On the first day of his visit, he gave interviews to AZ TV (Azerbaijan Television) and ATV channels about collaborations between the two countries’ universities and new trends in education.

Then, a meeting on the fields and methods of collaboration with Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Education Development Fund President Elnur Nasibov and the board.

Then, the last meeting of the year titled “New Perspectives and Partnership Opportunities in Cross Border Education” of EURAS (Eurasian Universities Union) was held. The meeting was hosted by Bakü Higher Oil School Rector Prof. Dr. Elmar Gasimov. Next period activities and projects of EURAS and the organization will be held on 2024 February EURIE (Eurasia Higher Education Summit) organized by EURAS every year were discussed at the meeting.

Service Exporters’ Association (HİB)operating under the umbrella of Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM) hold its December Board meeting.

Under the presidency of HİB President Şekib Avdagiç, to the meeting Vice Minister of Trade Ö. Volkan Ağar and UHTİ General Manager Tarık Sönmez also participated.

Current problems were discussed and effective solution offers for the current problems proposed for the agenda evaluated at the meeting.

“The Real Friends of Humanity Award Ceremony” held regularly every year by Turkish Anti-Smoking Association (TSSD) was held at Istanbul Aydın University. At the ceremony conducted 24th, institutions and individuals who implemented successful practices in the fight against the harms of smoke and smoke products were rewarded. Many valuable representatives from business, art, politics, academia and NGOS attended the ceremony where those who made the most contributions to the fight against smoking for all year were rewarded.

2023 The Real Friends of Humanity Special Award was presented to İstanbul Governor Davut Gül at the ceremony held at Istanbul Aydın University Social Sciences Campus Full General Necdet Timur Oditorium. Presenting his award to Gül, TSSD President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın said “Thanks to our esteemed Governor, on all sides of our İstanbul, all public areas as parks and beaches, have been cleared of smoke and smoke products, exemplarily for our other cities. We express our gratitude to him.”

Istanbul Aydın University President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın visited Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Naci İnci.

At the meeting where evaluations about EURIE (Eurasia Higher Education Summit) that will be held for the 9th time in 2024 by EURAS (Eurasian Universities Union), ideas on current situation and future of higher education were also exchanged.

T.R. Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat participated in Intellectual Thought Platform operating within Istanbul Aydın University, and made a presentation titled “Activities, Service and Targets of Ministry of Trade”. Minister Bolat touched on subjects such as the increase in historic process of goods and service export, threats and opportunities in the global economy and emphasized the importance of export.

At the end of the meeting, IAU President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın expressed his gratitude to all participants and academicians.

Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat met with the students of Istanbul Aydın University. In the event held at IAU T Block Org. Necdet Timur Oditorium, Bolat gave a conference titled “Professional Secrets and Career Management for Youth”. The opening speech of the event was made by İAÜ President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın.

Minister Bolat underlined the importance of choice of right profession and said “Undoubtedly, choosing a right profession is the first step of happy and healthy life. Our main wish is that our youth who are the guarantee of our future, make a healthy choice of profession toward their talents and skills. It shouldn’t be forgotten that university is a discovery process. We must care that our precious youth who are in this discovery process meet with professions that will make them happy and peaceful for their lives.”

Aydın who gave a thank you speech at the end of the event said “Dear Minister conveyed to our students the importance of being responsible, living a balanced life, education, self-renewal, being social, working hard and efficiently, consulting, general knowledge, competition, following role models and gave golden advice on choice of profession. We would like to express our gratitude to Dear Minister for sharing his experiences and knowledge that shed light on our students.”

In addition, in the event, IAU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Hakkı Aydın and IAU Corporate Advisor Prof. Dr. Nigar Demircan Çakar presented a plaque to the Dear Minister Ömer Bolat.

A meeting titled “Fractures in the International System and Turkey’s Strategic Position” was arranged by Western Platform which is the one of thought organizations within the structure of Istanbul Aydın University. Retired Ambassador to the USA Namık Tan participated in the meeting as the main speaker. In addition, Retired Ambassador Uluç Özülker, academicians, journalists and IAU executives also attended the meeting. Ideas on Israel-Palestine war, the attitude of Türkiye and the situations that may occur after were exchanged.


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